Spinmad Jigmaster Tail Spinners

Are you looking for a lures for hollow fisheries? Spinmad Jigmaster has been created to catch predators in water of the depth 3-4 m... 

We are convinced that introducing  lures Jigmaster on the market, we still give you the lures which may wonder you with their effectiveness. Jigmaster 12g is a lure which has all the features which let you treat it as a basic lure for pikes. 

 Jigmaster 24g contains features of younger brother, what is more, is a secret weapon when you want to catch an impressive object. Visibly vibrating body, characteristic for our company painting and intensive reflecting the light back encourage to attack not only pikes, but also beautiful basses and catfish. 

 Construction of Jigmaster lures will facilitate to catch predators swimming in each part of water, regardless to the fact if we do fishing on hollow and grass-grown places, or on a clear flat water of changeable depth. The characteristic feature of this series is a high sensitivity for maneuvers with the fishing rod, thanks to which it is a lure number 1 in technically difficult places. 

Presentation of the lurk depends on the imagination of the fisherman, bur even an even run is sometimes a key to success.  However, to get better results we recommend to run lure similar to jerking. It is enough if you place a fishing rod and make two or three  push ups, after that let the lure fall down on the tense rope. 

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