Spinmad King Blade Baits

Do you want to regularly achieve success in fishing? You dream about catching a fish of your life? You must know Spinmad King cicadas! 

Model King 18g is in our offer from the very beginning. After years of intensive testing, we are proud that we managed to create an effective lure, which can be recommended, which we willingly you to catch fish and convince our friends to use them as well. 

The size and weight makes it a perfect lure to jigging in greater depths, yet, the best it works on the depth of 3-5 m. Aggresive work, regulated by fixed in the holes of the upper part of  lure, to which we pin the safety pins, creates vibrations and reflecting the light back in water, which attract fish from long distances. 

It is enough to drop the cicada to the bottom, hold up the fishing rod and push up lure with a few aggressive movements. It is also possible to push up lure even, with a wide movement of the fishing rod, and later control its falling down on a  tense rope. 

 If you are fishing in hollow fisheries, on the edge of underwater plants? If yes, you should know our new cicada King 12g. Lighter version of the confirmed model King 18g the best is used in hollow places in rivers and reservoirs. Cicadas is a perfect lure, which effectively the goal of modern spinning, and models King 12g and 18g are  cult lures for pikes, zanders, basses and other predators.

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