All about the tail spinners from Spinmad

The combination of the body coming up in numerous colour variants with the wing generating strong light reflexes makes an irresistible bait to predators. 

Spinmad offer includes as many as 7 models of tail spinners that have been designed to angle predatory fish in various fisheries. The smallest model is “Big 4g” loved by angling contestants, a perfect bait for perch, chub, ide. A larger model, “Mag 6g” is the most versatile tail spinner of our offer. We recommend it to anglers for perch, pike, trout and chub. The “Wir 10g” and “Jag 18g” are real “killers” for still water. The optimum size and heavy weight enables to catch every predator fish living in deeper parts of water. “Turbo 35g” is in turn a bait proving well while trolling. The latest suggestion for pike anglers are “Jigmaster 12g” and “Jigmaster 24g” tail spinners armed with a strong triple anchor. The application of a new technology enabled us to create larger baits, while maintaining optimum weight. Jigmasters come up in colours loved by predators and their greatest advantage is the possibility to operate in every water level. 

Where should you go fishing with tail spinners?

While designing a series of Spinmad’s tail spinners, we wanted to create baits that would prove perfect both in still waters and in the rivers. The first tests alredy confirmed our conviction that the baits produced by us would meet the expectations of anglers all over the world. The structure of Spinmad’s tails enables effective angling in lakes, river and even the salt sea water. The perfect refining of details allowed us to obtain a bait enabling you to angle in technically most difficult places. 

How should we use tail spinners?

If you choose to catch predatory fish that swim in rivers you must remember that all you have to do is put the lures in the desired place and allow it to work. The spoon rotating under the water current generates strong luminous effects in the water, which attract fish from remote distances. In flowing waters you may angle downstream or upstream holding the rod upwards. You must remember to spin the reel crank faster while baiting downstream. Still waters provide real opportunity for tail spinners. Lakes, gravel pits and dam reservoirs are the places where the bait may be presented in various ways. Although even monotonous reeling of the line brings good results, it is worthwhile to play with the bait in order to obtain their best properties possible. The vibrating body and spoon operating while lowering attract the predators with a magic strength. It is sufficient to lower the lure down to the bottom then pull it up to the surface with a fluent rod movement and allow it to fall down, maintaining permanent touch with the bait. You may jig on every water level, depending on the fish location. Bites of perch, pike and other fish attacking the tails jigged in the falling down technique release an immense dose of adrenalin and are remembered for a long time. 

Some simple tricks

Spinmad’s tail spinners, except the Jigmaster series, are armed with one double anchor placed under the body. The original arrangement of the hook reduces the risk of the bait being stuck against a hard hitch or weeds, which increases the effectiveness of angling and minimizes the losses of baits in difficult-to-access places. Skilful handling of tail spinners enables fishing efficiency in places full of stones lying on the bottom, branches and water lily agglomerations. In case of normal feeding of fish, arming out baits with double anchor has no effect on the number of successful bites. In a situation when predators are chimerical and delicately nibble the bait, you may use some simple tricks to make the fish bite easier. The first one is to turn the anchor spearheads downwards. It is a very simple procedure that may ncrease the effectiveness of bites during a weak feeding period. Another solution is to fix the anchor in the upper ear of the bait, the one the safety pin is fixed in. The hooks directed upwards effectively increase your chances for a successful fishing.









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