All about the blade baits from Spinmad

The greatest advantage of cicada lures is their immense versatility. The Spinmad offer includes lures for fishing almost all predatory fish inhabiting rivers, lakes and dam reservoirs all over country and also proving well during overseas angling trips.

 By means of blade baits coming up in numerous unique color version, you may attract beautiful specimens of pike, zander, perch, asp, barbell, catfish, trout, chub and ide. The lures resemble fry, insects and various water creatures. Any imitation of natural fish feed has guaranteed success for years, and we are inspired by wildlife, therefore the baits from Spinmad so loved by predators have been recognized on the angling marker for years…

Where should you go fishing with blade baits?

One of the advantages of cicada lures that distinguishes them against other popular spin fishing lures is the possibility to operate in technically most difficult places. You may obtain ideal work and appropriate depth in a small space even. Blade baits are liked and used by anglers fishing at rivers and lakes. Smaller cicadas appear perfectly in the flowing waters of lowland and mountain rivers. They imitate small fish, insects and cancers struggling against the strong river current that are easy prey for a predator passing around. The smallest models of our cicada lures “Ćma” and “Uklejka” prove best in small rivers inhibited by trout, chub, ide and barbell. In larger rivers, “Amazonka” and “Hart” may become irreplaceable, certainly attracting zander, asp and even catfish. In the lakes, particulary the shallower and weedy ones all the cicada lure models that we produce prove well. The real hit is the largest model, “King” in two version 12g and 18g, is a real hit that perfectly attracts zander and other lake predators inhabiting deeper locations. 

How should we use blade baits?

Cicada lures are baits for everyone. They prove to be efficient in the hands of experienced anglers and beginners. They may be driven on a classic way, by means of monotonous winding the line on the reel’s spool. However, the most efficient method of driving is winding the line irregulary and jigging by means of short and fast or longer and more subtle movements with the rod top. While jigging, it is worthwhile to hold the rod in front of you pointed upwards, whitch will enable natural moving of the lure and shall largely increase the lure’s sensitivity and identification of bites. You may jig both near the surface, in the depth and near the bottom. In case of fishing for asp in the rivers, we cast the cicada fixed on the first hole to the fishery fragment that interest us and immediately start to wind the line. After every few turnings of the crank we jerk the lure stronger to unleash aggression in the fish…

Adjusting the operation

All the blade baits from Spinmad are furnished with one, two or three holes to whitch a safety pin is fixed. One of the most important advantages of our cicada lures is the possibility to adjust their operation in the upper part of the holes. Depending on the expected result, we may obtain a subtle, aggressive or optimum action of our cicada lures. All depends on the location of the hole to which the safety pin is fixed. Fixing it to the first hole from the front, we obtain a delicate subtle operation with fast driving speed, which is best for asp. We use the central hole in order to obtain optimum, averaged action of the lure that attracts most predators, disregarding the outside conditions. In order to obtain the most aggressive operation, we fix the safety pin into the most distant hole from the lure’s front. Such action suits zander swimming in lakes, gravel pits and dam reservoirs and also proves well in hot season of the year. 

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