At the beginning of september, each of us was excited. The start of the next TEAM event was coming!

It was an another nice adventure for our TEAM! We had an opportunity to meet each other after a long brake. The event started in thursday (3rd of sempember). We spent the first evening in great atmosphere. And the climat of our meeting was getting grow.

We were fishing two days and each of us caught something. The best lure during this metting was Jigmaster 24g. About 10 big pike was caught on it. The best colors were Ayu and Perch. We prepared also a little competition between team members. The rules were easy! The biggest fish wins the main prize. The competition was won by Roman who caught 89 cm lenght pike. It was the biggest fish byt generally we caught over 20 fish. 

The TEAM MEETING is something special for us! We collected another memories. We hope we could meet each other in november! 

We would like to invite you to watch our photos from this event! 

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