Zander month

It's difficult to imagine theJune without zander's attacks. Sometimes subtle, sometimes aggressive attacks make an addiction.

It's true! We love zander fishing. We aren't able to imagine fishing without this species. We spent on the lakes many days in June. A weather was crazy, but we never gives up. We fought with a cold, a strong wind and rain, which was the worst. On the other hand, we collected much emotions! 

At the beginning, we visited a big water reservoir on the South of Poland. It was a good decision, because we were playing with zanders. It was difficult to catch the records, but we caught a lot of medium size fish. Another fishing trip we also had a problem with bigger fish, but we caught asp, pike and small catfish. It was a nice trip.At the end of June, we visited the bigger lake again. We felt a satisfaction, because zander reacted on our KOGUT JIGS the most. The aggressive action provoked the fish and we had another nice days on the water!

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