Still water asp

Asp is typically a river fish. We rarely have the opportunity to fish for asp in still waters. It's amazing!

At the beginning, I must say it was our first time, when we visited this water with asp sets. It was in June. We decided to go fishing on not popular artifficial reservoir where asp lives. We hoped catch a nice asps, because our friends had talked us a lot of nice words about this water. 

First of all, we had to choose a good part of the reservoir. We went on the shallows. Sometimes we had an opportunity to see an asp's attack. We concentrated on spots, which were arrounded by smaller fish. We searched for water plants, because the weed concentrated smaller fish and predators.

We had a great results on our vibrant wobblers. We started with SPINMAD IMPULSE PRO lures. Asp didn't react on the lures which were winding regullary. It was important to jigg it a little bit. The flashing lures worked amazing! Next, we used also a bigger lures with IMPULSE series. We attatched the IMPULSE 10g on the swivels. It was a good decision. We caught another asp, what enjoyed us. 

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