In the city

Have you ever thought why street Fishing is so popular? Every companies produce the equipement to this style of fishing. Why? 

There is a lot of interesting asnwers on this question. First of all, people haven’t free time enough to go away somewhere. They spend every day in the city. On every step you can hear the grumble about work, about everything which surrounds us. But in every big city, in many smaller city you can find a piece of water reservoir. It’s good reason to go for a walk with the rod. If you have 3 hours, you can use this time on the water. If you have 2 hours, you can do the same. It’s simple.

People likes street Fishing because this style of Fishing saves time. You don’t have to go far away to catch fish. You should change your thinking about Fishing and start think that you are on the water to relax. It isn’t important how long will be the fish which you will catch. Time on the water is only one thing which is important in this style. Good atmosphere is also important so, take your best friend with you and go fishing.

You don’t need a big equipement. Only one rod, one reel, a bottle of water and small tackle box with Spinmad lures. It’s everything which will makes you happy. Try it.


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