SpinMad IMPULSE PRO vibrant wobblers were designed to twitching methood. Check it out this lures in this way of presentation. 

Twitching is one of the most popular methood of trout fishing in the World, We decided to develop the lures which could be very good in this methood. This lures names IPMULSE PRO and these are the lure created for trout fishing. 

The most important in twitching methood is making a subtle or more aggressive jerks. Anglers can do it in regularly or less regularly way. It's important to take the rod up and have still contact with the lure. We attached high quality VMC anchors, what is necessary to win the fight with every fish. 

Metalic colours and effective design are also important in twitching methood. Flashing action and light reflections in the water can provoke fish to attack! It is one of the keys to the success. Check it out.

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