It's worth to remember the last fishing trip in season. Rafal ended the year on the small lake with perch and pike. 

The end of the seasosn is amazing time. Everyone wants to spend the last days of the year on the water. The most difficult is taking a decision about fishing area because every fishing ground could be attractive. Rafal decided to choose a small lake with pike and perch. It was a good decision!

Fish took a positions over the 7 meters near the bottom. First pike attacked the KING 12g blade baits. It was a nice fish and a fight was a full of emotions. Rafal caught three pike during one hour. After this time, the activity of predators stopped. It was important to find a lure which could change the situation.

Rafal found the IMPULSE PRO vibrant wobbler in aggressive colour. It was a shot in 10 points! Two throws later Rafal caught first perch and he found the key to succes. Perch was active but their size wasn't big. But these day the most important was spending time on the water. 

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