The tournament season has already started for Team Spinmad Germany. Our first term at the Event calendar was the EFC ( European Fishing Convention) at the 31. of March.

It was a well planned and organised Event and also the Weather God was in a good mood. The location where we fished was the River Ijsel in the Netherlands. It was a good day with very nice Weather, all the other Easter days were dominated by rain. Unfortunately did the Weather change minimised the fish attacks but a couple of fish was catched by nearly 70 Teams with 2 person per team. In the end there was a total amount of: 15 Pike, 12 Zander and 2 Perch
Team Spinmad Germany started with 2 Teams and one Team from Team Tock-Sick.  The first Spot we Choose was a couple of groynes with a small Harbour entry at the end. So the groynes didn't produce any bites but the Harbour entry themes to be the right choice. Carsten and Martin from Team Spinmad Germany reaches the Spot as first and it didn't took a long time until Carsten was able to catch the first Pike.
After all of us reaches the entry, it was Yannik from Tock-Sick that catches the next Pike. After the second Pike the biting stopped and we Choose to change location, we made a lot of kilometres at the River and fished groynes after groynes and a couple of harbour entrys but where ever we go there was no activity. So that we decided, at the end of the day, to go back to our first Spot.
As we reached the Harbour entry it did not take long till Carsten could catch his second Pike. Now there was not much time left it was only a half hour till end and Michael was able to hook a nice Zander. After the Zander it was time for us to stop the fishing.
And what could we say?! It was a furious start for the tournament season. Both Spinmad Germany Teams was able to reach the stairs. We made the third place for Pike with a total of 132 cm. We also reached the third place for Sander with 67cm.
All of us leave the tournament with a big smile on our faces. Hopefully we could do it that way for the rest of the year.
Best Regards,
Team Spinmad Germany 

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